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The rt-PCR test is conducted by qualified medical professionals.

rt-PCR tests are used as a qualitative detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Specimen samples are conducted with internationally approved methodologies (nasal / pharynx swabs) and evaluated through accredited medical Laboratories.

Why choose a rt-PCR Test?

rt-PCR tests provide diagnostic means of detecting Covid-19.

Many international countries require a negative rt-PCR test as a requirement for cross-border entries. Results from standard PCR tests are possible to be provided same-day of testing for appointments in specific clinics. Other appointments (i.e. mostly after 12PM) will receive results within 24 hours of testing. 

rT-PCR is considered to be the gold standard in diagnostic Covid-19 testing. It's valid for: International travel, workplace safety and overall peace of mind is the exclusive PCR testing booking agency for various corporations, hotels and agencies throughout Greece.

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PCR Test for Travel

FAST PCR TEST with results from 90min to max 3hrs

FAST rt-PCR is the traditional RT-PCR testing but with more immediate results. If you have last minute travel plans or require immediate proof of negative testing, the Express PCR is right for you.

FAST rt-PCR tests are also internationally approved and provide diagnostic means of detecting Covid-19. Results from FAST PCR tests will be provided within max. 3 hours from the time of testing in-clinic or maximum 3 hours after the sample arrives at the clinic.

There is an extra charge compared to 24HRS standard PCR Test.

Where Can I get a PCR test? services Greek residents, domestic and international travellers passing through all major cities in Greece.

Our booking platform serves multiple locations in total including the downtown Athens Thessaloniki and Patras travel clinics, along with clinics in all regions mentioned above. Our collaborated clinics can provide you with the certified lab results that you need to travel to other countries or return to work.

Our private COVID rt-PCR testing is offered at all travel clinics across Greece.

FAST rt-PCR testing is offered on specific only clinics: Syntagma, Chalandri, Thessaloniki, Patras and Santorini.

Steps For PCR Testing To Travel Abroad

First, check the Covid test requirements for your destination of travel. It is your responsibility to know the entry covid test required to gain entry to your desired destination.  Then choose online the closest clinic to you or your travel schedule and book a testing time that is convenient with your schedule. 

Steps For PCR Testing To Return To Work

First, check the Covid test requirements from your employee or the work standard test that you need to achieve.  Next choose online the closest clinic to you and book a testing time that is convenient with your schedule. We will help with the rest. 

We offer FAST PCR testing if you need the test results in a hurry or pick a convenient time and date in your schedule for the PCR test or rapid test to meet your work requirements. 

How long does it take for a PCR test?

PCR test results are emailed to you within 24hrs normally. However, most clinics send their results same day evening based on their load of tests. 

Which test do I need to take to board a plane? 

The certified test certificate that you will need to board a plane depends on the country or province that you are going to.  Every country has its own requirements and it is your responsibility to book the appropriate private covid test to show to the destination country customs department. 

Click on the link, if you need to book a rapid antigen test too.

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PCR Test Group Booking

If you are a business or a workplace with a number of employees or a group of people that require PCR testing, please complete the form below to register your interest in testing and let us know if you are in need of rapid antigen tests also.

Our team will reach out to you to discuss your needs in more details. 

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