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Rapid Antigen or PCR Test for Cruise

Indeed, most cruises at the greek islands ask for a rapid antigen test 24 - 48hrs before boarding or PCR test 48-72hrs before boarding.

Don't worry and book your cruise at the greek islands.

We perform sampling for your requested test at your hotel or bnb or location at the best rates throughout Greece.

Stress free book your test at the hotel you will stay in Athens prior to boarding or even at the port. We provide extra discount if you book for a group of 5+ people testing at the same time. 

  • In that case you get your RAPID ANTIGEN test travel certificate in less than 1hr after sampling. PCR perfomed in the morning you get travel certificate by 20.00 same day, if perfomed at your hotel / bnb. FAST PCR travel certificate is for really urgent cases i.e. you don't have more than 3hrs turnaround available time.

What you just need is to call or book your test by completing the form below. Soon one of our colleagues will respond and reply to your request informing you about the cost and all available time slots regarding the date of your requested appointment for PCR or RAPID ANTIGEN.

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in case you choose at your location, please add us your full address

At any case, we provide internationally valid travel certificates even for Japan or China. Just let us know about your final destination so as to complete all necessary forms on time e.g. Japan extra medical certificate.

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