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Covid PCR Testing sites in Athens and Thessaloniki will be open over Christmas Day and Boxing Day for those that need it.

PCR Test at Christmas in Athens

Planning to leave Athens after Christmas and you worry about your PCR Test Travel Certificate?

Enjoy your Christmas Holidays with no worries. Our booking platform and our collaborated labs in Athens and Thessaloniki work throughout Christmas weekend. Thus, you can plan your PCR test even on christmas day or the day after christmas day (26/12) that is normally a Bank Holiday in Greece.

How can I get a PCR Test on Christmas day ?

Just click on our covid test platform (i.e. Choose the covid testing you might need for your travel. Choose the covid 19 test you might need to be performed and complete the required booking form. Submit it and wait to receive our platform verification note.

Note that you have two options to get your pcr christmas test: either at your place of stay or at the respective clinic in Athens choose that in the respective form and get your covid 19 testing.

Either way your covid 19 testing will be done (your place or clinic) you will be able to get your covid 19 digital travel certificate with QR code at your email within the time said i.e. 24hrs or 3hrs for a pcr test or within maximum 2 hrs if its a rapid antigen test.

Our collaborated clinics provide test result throughout the Christmas holidays something that it is not so easy to find somewhere else.

What is the process of the covid 19 test for traveling through our platform?

The whole process is really easy. You just click on our website. You complete the form of the respective test you want to take. We verify your booking with detailed pricing the soonest possible and then you take a test.

If you booked for sampling at your place, the tester will come to the given address at the time you have told us. The process is completely the same just charging is different, i.e. there is extra charge for getting tested at your place of choice. At a negative result you get your digital travel certificate with a QR code at your email either in maximum 24hrs or 3hrs (premium xpress pcr test).

You can pay for the test either by cash or card.



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